A happy new year for you all. My first update for this year features clothing and shoes. A basically did some stuff I´ve been missing in my own game while playing and recolored the EA meshes I mainly use.

7 x kids clothing, 16 x male clothing and shoes, 3 x female clothing



















Today I bring 12 new CAS downloads for your kids (requested by my own kids). Hope you like them.


I uploaded 7 maxis-match landscape paintings today. Moreover, I added the stuff I did for the Simforum advent calendar to the male, female and kids clothing sections.




















I did some Maxis-matching doors while testing the new Sims4Studio features. Maybe some of you will find them useful as well. They´re all stand-alone, because the EA doors do not have color options and we cannot add them so far. Moreover, I did some kids rugs.

You can find both in the new "objects" subsection of my "downloads" section.



















I uploaded new clothing: 5 for kids and 4 for women.








































EDIT: I also added some walls for kids.

Todays update features several undies for kids which will hopefully be usable as swimsuits in November by just clearing filters in CAS. There´s also another shirt for males and - last but not least - a default replacement for the strawberry cake. Textures are a bit blurry due to current limitations of s4pe, but I still hope you like it.

strawberry cake

undies/swimwear (kids)

shirt (men)
















I finally finished my 10 default replacing baby outfits. You can use these 10 at the same time, however, you cannot use more than ten and you cannot switch outfits for the same baby. Anyhow, please enjoy. :)









My new update features tattoos, socks and a complete outfit for kids.